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The Majlis Tops The List Of The Best East Africa Resorts

Posted on: December 4, 2016

A well-appointed, calm, and composed romantic room with beautiful views of the sea coupled with a mild smell of salt in the cozy air and the sound of crystal clear blue sea water lapping against the shore seems absolutely like a dream, in fact it is not a dream when you are at the Majlis. Located in the lap of the Lamu Archipelago, the privately owned luxury hotel offers a lot more than one can imagine, and provides the guests a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of city life. The Majlis is highly recognized as one of the leading East Africa resorts, and the guests can experience an element of fun at this luxury beach resort that they would cherish throughout their life. What else could be better than scenic beauty, peaceful accommodation, and a range of exciting activities during a holiday?

This boutique hotel is a well-established enclave of barefoot elegance surrounded by an idyllic beach. The resort facilitates the guests with a world-class accommodation option and exclusive services. It is the oldest and the best-preserved Swahili resort in Africa that is considered as one of the best East Africa resorts. The Majlis is a wonderful destination when looking for a perfect holiday spot in Kenya. With rich and lavishing interiors, well-appointed room, caring staff, mouth-watering cuisines, the stay at this resort adds a new zeal to the life. The panoramic views on a secluded beach, a spectacular dining service, the Swahili culture, full-service bars makes for the perfect luxury accommodation option in Kenya.

The hotel is a sought after honeymoon hotel where couples can enjoy their stay in a peaceful setting, relax on the sun-drenched beaches, and create memories of their life. The Majlis provides special packages for the guests to make them afford the luxury. The resort offers a free spa for the brides and trips to the nearby locations for the couples. A complimentary massage and a private sunset dhow cruise for the couples is also arranged by the resort. A romantic voyage of the bay is offered to the honeymooners from where they can enjoy the serene and spectacular sunset. For further information visit