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The Majlis Resort – One Of The Best Resorts For Family Vacation In Kenya

Posted on: December 4, 2016

The Majlis Resort is the most luxurious resort in Manda Island, Lamu (Kenya). This beautiful resort in Kenya offers its visitors, a wide range of services and facilities with an infrastructure of international standards. The Majlis provides its guests a distinct environment with unforgettable views of the sea and white sand beaches surrounding it. The resort caters for many occasions such as informal business meetings, weddings, honeymoon vacations, board meetings and for spending a family vacation in Kenya.

The Resort was officially opened in October, 2009. The Majlis is considered one of the best resorts for family vacations in Kenya and it offers an unforgettable view of Shela Village, the Ras Kitau Bay and the natural beauty surrounding it. It is the only hotel in the Lamu archipelago providing air-conditioning in the rooms and special luxury interconnected family rooms for the parents and their kids. The kid’s club of the resort offers many activities for the children to make their vacations enjoyable and unforgettable. The activities include The Lamu Dhow Adventure, The Maasai Warrior Experience, The Swahili Cooking Class, Majlis Beach Activities, Snorkeling Trip to Manda Toto and Kiwayu, Jungle Gym and Cycling Trip. The resort also provides fitness, cardio and wellness services to its travelers which include Beach and Cross- Country jogging, swimming, GYM, Mountain Biking and Massage.

The Majlis Resort also has a restaurant that is very famous for its distinct world class architecture as well as its excellent cuisine which includes International, Italian (seafood, pasta, wooden pizza oven and home-made ice cream) and some Japanese dishes. The restaurant makes the resort a perfect place for family vacations in Kenya and honeymoon vacations. The resort also offers various sports activities for their visitors such as water skiing, wake boarding, kayaking, sailing with lasers in the Ras Kitau bay, wind-surfing, wake-boarding and many more. To know more about Majlis Resort and their services, please visit the site: