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The Majlis Is Counted Amongst Best Hotels In Kenya

Posted on: December 4, 2016

The Majlis is a beautiful and a popular boutique hotel, located on the Lamu Island, is surrounded by water on all sides. It is one of the best Hotels in Kenya which gives panoramic views of the Indian Ocean and also enables you to relish the essence of the traditions of Lamu Island. If you are looking for a perfect holiday spot where you can spend your vacation, Majlis would be an ideal destination for you which offers a one-stop holiday experience. The narrow alleys of the island will lead you to the intricate carved doorways of a massive and beautifully designed boutique resort. Outside Majlis, you will notice white stone houses, majestic mosques, spices and scent of grilled food in the markets, lantern lit streets in the night, traditional Swahili culture and a lot more.

At Majlis, time stands still and you can experience a trip on one of the traditional wooden sailing dhows. You can even sail to neighboring islands including Manda, Pate and Kiwayu. Sailing through the dense mangrove forests, fishing villages you enjoy beautiful view of the ocean where dolphins invite you to swim with them. You can also engage yourself in snorkeling and diving. There is a lot more which you can explore being at Majlis.

The Majlis offers two pools where the guests can relax and sun bath. These pools give a feel of ultra-luxurious private beach house. The rooms are filled with delicate Swahili niches, hand-made furniture luscious rugs, intricate artwork, and an eclectic collection of sculpture and carvings. Flamboyant paintings hang on the pure white walls of the drawing room. The rooftop Of the Majlis has an open air restaurant and rooftop bar which has been constructed in a traditional Swahili style. The Majlis ranked among one of the best beach hotels in Kenya which is an ideal holiday spot where you can just let loose and be yourself. Enjoy the serenity at the beaches barefoot.

The Majlis is well known for offering a comfortable accommodation in the lap of nature. It has all the requisite facilities even for the children so that they can also make the most of the vacation. For more information, please visit