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The Majlis, An Idyllic And Stylish Resort, Is One Of The Most Popular Luxury Hotels In Kenya

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Holidays are an integral part of life as these help you to get a break from the monotonous work life or maybe divert your mind if something unfortunate has happened with you. Besides this, it also gives you a chance to explore the unfamiliar parts of the world and enable you to have some good time with your friends, family, colleagues or even alone. If you are looking for an ideal destination for a vacation, there wouldn’t be a better country than Kenya and if you are willing to enjoy a fun-filled vacation in Kenya, you must stay at the Majlis which is located on Manda Island in the Lamu archipelago.

The Majlis is one of the best luxury hotels in Kenya which is most suitable for personalized holidays at the beach front. This boutique hotel is also apt for corporate meetings, special events, weddings, honeymoons or even when you want to renew your marriage vows. This resort offers a wide assortment of holiday packages to choose from. If you want customized services, the highly courteous staff at Majlis will provide you tailored services so that all you unique and specific needs are met effectively. The staff at the hotel is well trained, highly skilled, well mannered and has valuable experience in the industry. The staff ensures that your personal requirements and Lamu Island accommodation needs are fulfilled efficiently. In case you have any queries or question, the expert professionals are readily available to solve your problems and answer any questions you may have. Beside this, you can also get professional guidance and useful travel tips at Majlis and this will enable you to make the most of your luxury holidays.

The Majlis is one of the popular luxury hotels in Kenya which is an idyllic and stylish resort. This Lamu Island hotel offers an elegant and luxurious accommodation option that complements the natural beauty of the tropical location. You can cherish panoramic sea view from Majlis and spend some quality time in the lap of nature away from the hustle and bustle of city life. For more information, please visit