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Luxury of East Africa Hotels at The Majlis

Posted on: December 4, 2016

If you are seeking to escape the pressures and tensions of a fast paced lifestyle, or you need some relaxation and relief, then the Majlis Resort welcomes you. Located on the northern coast of Kenya, our luxury beach hotel is a paradise in its own right. Exotic views, grand architecture, and caring customer service staff easily make it one of the best East Africa Hotels. Securely nestled on Manda Island, our hotel provides the most beautiful and stunning scenes both at sunrise and sunset.

Submerged in culture and tradition, yet provided by with all the amenities of a modern lifestyle, we at the Majlis take pride in treating our guests with the utmost care. No matter how you plan to spend your time here, we guarantee you the best in hospitality and services. All you have to do is book your reservations, and leave the rest to us. From organizing safaris, or excursions, to making sure that the children are also entertained, we take care of it all.

During your stay here, you can dine at the Majlis Restaurant where the international menu is sure to have something unique for each of the guests. Special arrangements can be made if you plan on celebrating a special occasion such as a birthday, wedding, or anniversary. We have ample space to hold conferences and exhibitions also. Just contact our customer service, and you could be celebrating your next big event in the lap of luxury at our boutique hotel.

Our two pools with all their splendor, culture, and luxury are always a favorite place to relax for the guests. You can be a part of that amazing experience, and witness the glorious views by our pools. Our unique interior decoration style borrow elements from the Indian, Arabic, and traditional Swahili culture making for a very interesting canvas.

The fact that we are a privately owned and run boutique hotel amongst the East Africa Hotels makes us different from the usual run-of-the mill places. We understand the gravitation of people towards non-corporate, non-franchised, and homely organizations, and that’s why we place the comfort and happiness of our guests above all. For reservations, and for more information, please visit our website