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Luxury Hotels Kenya – The Majlis

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Being located on Lamu (which has been declared by UNESCO as a world heritage site) lends a certain kind of charm that is not easily come by anywhere else in Africa. As you arrive on the premises, the picturesque seafront views welcome you to the splendor that only a hotel like the Majlis could provide. Magnificent architecture, spacious design, and world class service is what we welcome you with here at The Majlis.

We take pride in showing around our guests so that they can truly get acquainted with the beauty of our resort. With an ocean facing property that can be enjoyed any time of the year, our private resort can be the experience of a lifetime for all that come here. It is neatly tucked in on a remote island so you can escape the pressures of everyday life and be one with nature.

Our resort was actually built as a private family home so that we could escape the winters and come to a place where we could just relax. It was first built as a small house and then converted to a villa to accommodate more people, and give them the pleasure of enjoying of Luxury Hotels Kenya. Our guests come here to savor the amazing views and enjoy the sunshine. We offer all sorts of trips, safaris, and excursions for our guests so that not only are they well relaxed, but entertained too.

The safari which includes both a land safari and a tour of Lake Kenyatta is one of our special activities. It offers a glimpse into the native Kenyan bush where you can observe lots of animals like warthogs, elephants, zebras, hippos, and topis. The Tana River Delta excursion is also a trip worth making. It is all by boat, and provides a great experience into the African wilderness where you can see , many species of fish, birds, and hippos.

Here at the Majlis, we take care of our guests with a variety of rooms to choose from with each offering their own unique views. If you seek to be surrounded by the wilderness of Africa while still enjoying the modern amenities provided by Luxury Hotels in Kenya, then should make a trip to the Majlis so that we can have the pleasure of serving you.

Our resort has two pools- The Majlis, and Villa Kusi Pool. They are both located overlooking the seafront and also offer fantastic views of the Ras Kitau Bay and Shela Village. The Majlis restaurant is our pride and joy has a world class menu so that you enjoy the best food during your stay at our resort. Whether you want a lavish dinner or just the bare essentials, we can provide it all. It is because we believe that just because you are on a remote island in the wild does not mean you cannot have access to all the luxury of fine dining.