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Enjoy Kenya Luxury Holidays At The Majlis

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Choosing the perfect place for enjoying your next holidays is not an easy task. The Majlis is counted as one of the most sought after beach resorts for Kenya luxury holidays. It has all the facilities and amenities that you need. At The Majlis, you can enjoy a variety of recreational activities:

  • Boat excursions: Upon your request, we arrange trip around Lamu, Manda islands. You can also visit Matondoni and Kapungani villages. In the north eastern part of Lamu, there is Kiwayu island, which consists of beautiful tidal and diving pools.
  • Mainland safaris: The lake Kenyatta across the Lamu island consists of bush, wildlife including elephant, warthog, topi, hippo, buffalo, waterbuck, and more. We arrange the trip to Kenya’s mainland which takes only 15 to 30 minutes from the hotel. In addition to this, you will also see beautiful Tana river delta, which has over 40 fish species. The environment here is very good, and due to this, the area around the river consists of a number of animals including lion, elephant, buffalo, and crocodile. A sightseeing of this helps to make your Kenya luxury holidays memorable.
  • Watersports: We spare no effort to make our visitors happy. At Majlis, you can enjoy kayaking, snorkeling and diving, sailing with the dhow, waterskiing, wakeboarding, and kite-surfing.
  • Fitness, cardio and wellness: We take care of all our guests, meeting their needs and expectations. We provide cross county jogging, mountain biking, swimming and gym facilities. Our variety of massages, basic and energetic massage are useful for making you feel relaxed.
  • Cultural excursions: Lamu and Manda are filled with a variety of culture and heritage. It includes historical sites and monuments, Takwa ruins, several museums and more. A tip to the Lamu town helps you to collect information related to all this.

Come to The Majlis for enjoying Kenya luxury holidays. We have well qualified staff who always keen to serve the visitors in the best way it can. For additional information, you can visit our official website