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Enjoy A Family Vacation In Kenya At The Majlis Resort

Posted on: December 4, 2016

The Majlis Resort is a luxury beach resort located on Manda Island, an island which forms part of the Lamu Archipelago, off the north coast of Kenya. The Majlis offers stunning seafront views of Shela Village and the Ras Kitau bay, and is a perfect place for people looking to spend a family vacation in Kenya. This finest luxury beach resort in Kenya provides its guests with top-notch services and facilities, with an aim at offering an enjoyable, comfortable and rejuvenating vacation. Located in a unique setting, the Majlis offers its guests stunning facilities like the terrace and pool bars, the gourmet restaurant, the kid’s club, the Majlis and Villa Kusi pools. In order to help guests enjoy a relaxing family holiday in a beautiful setting, The Majlis Resort is organized to offer the most comfortable and luxurious accommodation.

By providing its guests with world-class services and facilities, the Majlis Resort strives to offer its guests an unforgettable family vacation in Kenya. In addition to family holidays, the Majlis also serves as an ideal place to spend your honeymoon in Kenya. Furthermore, the resort also arranges for weddings on the beach or your favorite spot within the Majlis. The resort also offers a range of flexible services in order to meet the needs of its guests, including flower arrangements, professional photographers and any other special request. For people who wish to enjoy their honeymoon or family vacation in Kenya, The Majlis Resort is the perfect place for them.

About The Majlis Resorts

Idyllic, luxurious, stylish, unique, …the Majlis resort is a privately owned luxury beach hotel on the north coast of Kenya in the Indian Ocean. Designed and built to reflect Lamu’s heritage tradition, The Majlis combines 25 superbly appointed luxury air-conditioned suites built with Western comforts and local tradition. State-of-the-art facilities include two bars, a gourmet restaurant, two swimming pools and an activity center which graciously co-ordinates a wide variety of full day experiences such as boat excursions, boat & mainland safaris, fishing, snorkeling and water sports, cultural excursions and scenic flights. For more details about the Majlis resort or Lamu Island, please visit our website at