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A Swahili wedding

Posted on: December 4, 2016

The Majlis Resort’s owner recently attended the wedding of the Head Captain of all of the Lamu archipelago’s boats. Here, Federico provides his take on the traditional Swahili ceremony.

“Lamu is a magical place at the best of times, but when I attended the wedding of a close friend, Abudi, recently the island came alive with love and togetherness. Abudi is the Head Captain of our boats – so on an island without any cars and only donkeys and boats for transportation, he’s a popular person!

Abudi walks through Lamu’s streets to his bride’s house

The wedding took place on Lamu in traditional Swahili style. The morning began at Abudi’s house as the bride sent friends over for a ‘shave and clean up’! The evening ceremony was held at the bride’s house where more than 300 guests were entertained, with women in one room and men in another. The couple were only briefly seen together throughout the whole ceremony – a noteable difference from many Western ceremonies.

The men’s ceremony and the traditional handshake

The couple have now left for their honeymoon at a lodge near Lamu and I wish them every happiness in the world.”

Abudi and his new wife