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The Majlis Resort – One Of The Idyllic Kenya Beach Resorts

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Founded in 2009, The Majlis Resorts serves as an ideal place for people willing to spend their vacations in a calm and tranquil setting. One of the best Kenya beach resorts, it offers travelers a chance to explore the culture of Africa, while staying in a comfortable and luxurious accommodation. Situated at the Manda Island, Lamu (Kenya), it allows visitors to spend their holidays at the beautiful settings of Manda, which has an exquisite backdrop of exotic white sand beaches. The resort provides guests to enjoy the beautiful seafront views of Shela Village and the Ras Kitau bay, which makes it a perfect spot for celebrating any occasion.

The Majlis Resort is one of the most stylish, unique, idyllic and luxurious Kenya beach resorts. It is highly preferred by travelers who are in search for a relaxing atmosphere, away from their busy city life. It has gained huge popularity among vacationers around the globe, owing to its top-notch services and facilities. In order to provide its guest with a comfortable and rejuvenating stay, the Majlis provides them with a wide range of first class facilities including a terrace and pool bar, gourmet restaurant, kid’s club, and two pools. The Majlis provides travelers from around the world the chance to explore and experience the pleasure of staying at the untouched natural backdrops of Kenya’s Lamu archipelago, off the north coast. The Majlis serves as an ideal destination for celebrating events, organizing gatherings, engagements, get-togethers, honeymoons, as well as for corporate meetings and events.

Being one of the luxurious Kenya beach resorts, The Majlis Resort was featured in the main page of the August-September 2011 edition of ‘Hotel & Lodge’, a leading magazine that features some of the bets resorts and hotels across the globe for their superiority. This magazine has rated The Majlis exceptionally well for its décor, surroundings, and ambience. In order to make its guests’ stay satisfying and enjoyable, the Majlis provides them with the best of services and facilities, along with a world-class infrastructure. In addition to being an ideal destination to enjoy a family holiday, it serves as a perfect spot for enjoying one’s honeymoon. Furthermore, it also arranges for weddings on the beach or the mangrove pontoon. For more information about the resort and the services offered, please browse through