Kenya is one of the most mysterious destinations around the world. When it comes to Kenya, there is a lot to explore including several local cultures, a multitude of wildlife, and geographical spectacles.

  • There are several enchanting locations in Kenya for you to enjoy the untouched beaches. You can soak up the sun and explore various cultural sites such as old colonial ports that rest against the seaside.
  • The Old Town of Lamu in Kenya is a UNESCO World Heritage site that is known to have been continuously inhabited for over 700 years. It was originally a Swahili settlement but is now comprised of a fusion of cultures from the east and other parts of Africa. You can also witness the ceremonies that still take place here and discover hidden secrets in the narrow alleyways of this coastal treasure.
  • Kenya is home to several luxury hotels where you can experience the best of Africa without having to compromise on your luxury or comfort.
  • Kenya houses 64 lakes including Lake Naivasha, a freshwater source that draws exquisite birdlife throughout the year.

In addition to all these things, Kenya also has a breathtaking collection of mountains such as Mount Kenya, Mount Longonot, and Mount Elgon.

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