Strike off the following things off your to-do list before you go ahead with booking a stay at one of the Lamu Hotels and Resorts:

1. Ask for recommendations

Ask your friends and family about their experience of staying at a boutique luxury resort in Kenya. Find out about the services provided by the hotel staff. Similarly, you should know about the experience of staying at that hotel.

2. Check the Website

You should then check the websites of the shortlisted resorts to know about the services being offered there. You can also get the quotes of hotel suites online. Choose a hotel that meets your requirements and budget.

3. Services Offered

It is important you take a look at the services provided by the resort beforehand. Some of the most common modern services offered at luxury hotels and resorts are:

• Dining facilities
• Shower enclosure
• Bathtubs
• Internet connectivity
• 24-hour room service

Find out if the resort provides such services before arriving at a decision. Similarly, the resort should have good restaurants. If you are traveling with children, then the resort should have some recreational facilities meant for children. For instance, many resorts have a playground or gaming arenas for children.

4. Location

The location of the resort plays an important role in the decision. You should book a resort that is situated near the railway station or airport. This will save you a lot of time. Find out the exact location of the resort to ensure easy accessibility.

The Majlis tops the list of the best Kenya beach resorts. The guest relations staff and sports coordinators here organize a tailor-made holiday all inclusive as per your preferences. For more information, feel free to browse further through the website.