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The Majlis Resort Is One Of The Most Wonderful Luxury Kenya Hotels

Posted on: December 4, 2016

The Majlis Resort is one of the leading luxury Kenya hotels located in the Lamu archipelago, Kenya. Our hotel is an idyllic place which is suitable for reception parties, beach wedding, renewing marriage vows, honeymoons, safari beach holidays, etc. Our Lamu Island beach hotel can even be visited for personal reason, such as vacation with family or friends, or professional concerns that include corporate meetings with company executives and clients.

We are ranked as one of the best beach resorts in Africa where you can enjoy your stay in an utmost peaceful setting and create lifetime memories with your family or friends while relaxing at the sun drenched beaches. This location is situated away from the hustle and bustle of city life, which allows you to enjoy in a peaceful setting. We also have a place for your kids which is named the Kid’s club. Children of every age are welcome here, as we promise to amuse and entertain them with different types activities and games.

People from across the world come to our boutique hotel to rejuvenate and relax, and also to escape from their monotonous city life. We are the best amongst the luxury Kenya hotels and our resort provides excellent views of the seafront over the Ras Kitau bay and the Shela village. Our boutique hotel is surrounded by an idyllic beach from where the mesmerizing sound of the waves lapping against the shore of the Indian Ocean can be heard and felt. Our restaurant provides the most delicious and mouth watering cuisines from around the world cooked by highly talented chef’s.

At Majlis Resort, we have an extensive assortment of amenities for our guests and visitors, which include well-maintained pools, well-furnished rooms, fully stocked bars, world class restaurant, wellness center, kid’s club, and a lot more. We have highly experienced staff at your service to make your stay completely comfortable, memorable, and enjoyable. We also enable our visitors to enjoy an assortment of exciting activities including fishing, boat and mainland safaris, cultural excursions, boat excursions, snorkeling, scenic flights, water sports, etc. The Majlis Resort is a must-visit destination on the trip to Africa. For further information about our boutique hotel, you can visit