The Majlis Resort provides an assortment of facilities and amenities to all our guests that include well-furnished rooms, well maintained pools, world class restaurant, fully stocked bars, kid’s club, wellness center, etc. in order to make their stay unforgettable with us. Apart from this, our kitesurfing school is located on the Shela beach which is highly recognized as the apt destination for kitesurfing in Kenya and ranked amongst the top 10 most beautiful beaches throughout the world.

Our widely popular kitesurfing school offers one of the best kite equipment which is taught by highly experienced teachers who are available on duty full day. The spot which is made for learning the kitesurfing is big and quiet that makes the process of learning much easier and safer both for intermediate, rookies, and even for advanced riders. The location where all things take place has an amazing sandy bottom with no corrals and the wind there blows all year long; over 70% of the year the wind blows at the speed of 12 to 20 knots. Our resort is the best place for kitesurfing in Kenya because from July to the end of September, the wind blows each and every day from morning till the beautiful sunset. From the late November till end of May, the wind blows from 11:00 am and keeps blowing till late afternoon. We offer one of the latest 2014 North Kiteboarding equipment and a great number of kite sizes and boards that also include race boards.

If you want to enjoy more fun activities, then our watersport center provides a variety of choices such as windsurfs, SUP, wakeboards, and kayaks. We offer numerous courses available which are created just to suit your every requirement, whether you have just started learning or wish to try kite surfing for the very first time, or you are an expert rider who is searching to improve your skills to even more advanced level. For further information about our boutique hotel, you can visit