The Majlis is a beautiful and elegantly built boutique hotel in Kenya which is considered to be the best place to share some special moments with your loved ones. Majlis is an Arabic word which refers to a beautiful place reserved especially for entertaining honored guests. The Majlis is a private African home-away-from-home which was officially opened in 2009. It is the most appropriate destination if you are seeking some quality time with your friends and family. The villas are built from local bleached-white coral blocks. The exterior of the hotel is a fusion of Italian style and Swahili culture.

The villas stand elegantly on the golden sands at the tip of the Lamu archipelago. The interiors of the resort are decorated with intricate woodworks, hand-made furniture, luscious rugs, Swahili niches and an eclectic collection of sculptures, art and carvings. Local dhow sails which have been faded by the sun and strong winds hang on flawlessly white walls of the central lobby of the resort. In addition, work of a myriad of Swahili craftsmen, local and internationally recognized artists is also displayed on the bone-white walls of the central drawing room.

The Majlis is one of the best hotels in Kenya which provide an entirely new and unique accommodation option. It has an open-air restaurant with a rooftop bar which has been constructed in the traditional Swahili style. The main villa of the resort has a reception room and another eclectic Indian-styled pavilion on the beach for receiving honored guests. The resort has been built with a lot of care and it is an epitome of a building finished in beauty.

The resort has twenty five beautifully appointed Deluxe rooms, Royal and Junior suites which have been segregated into three villas. Each villa has a private veranda which offers panoramic sea views. The rooms of Majlis are one of the best among the hotels of Kenya. The rooms of the hotel are quite spacious and are decorated with traditionally high beamed ceilings and sufficiently large windows. For more details about the Majlis resort or Lamu Island, please logon to