The Majlis, located on Ras Kitau Bay, Manda Island, is one of the finest beach resorts in Kenya. Founded in 2009, the resort perfectly reflects the beauty and authenticity of East Africa. Highly popular for its unique architecture, it provides vacationers from all over the world with a chance to enjoy the most rejuvenating and enjoyable beach holidays in Kenya. This idyllic and luxurious boutique hotel is located in the Lamu Archipelago, off the north coast of Kenya, and has been constructed by using natural and environment friendly materials. The Majlis possesses a world-class infrastructure that ensures to provide guests with a comfortable stay. It allows guests to spend their holidays in a beautiful setting, and gives them a chance to unfold the beauty of the Manda Island that has a beautiful backdrop of exotic white sand beaches.

The Majlis serves as an ideal destination for people who wish to explore the rich and colorful East African and Swahili culture and, at the same time, are willing to spend comfortable and luxurious beach holidays in Kenya. The resort has been set in a calm atmosphere, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, which makes it the perfect place for people, who are in search for solace. People from all around the world visit this stylish beach resort to experience the delight of staying at the untouched natural backdrops and to visit Lamu town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Over the years, the resort has been host to thousands of travelers and celebrities around the world, owing to its exceptional services and tastefully designed accommodations. Furthermore, it has been rated as 2011 Fodor’s 100 Hotels selection by Fodor’s, a leading name in travel guides.

Popular among vacationers throughout the world, the Majlis has everything from comfortable accommodations, terrace and pool bar, gourmet restaurant, kid’s club and two swimming pools. It is one of the finest beach resorts in Kenya that truly defines the culture and uniqueness of East Africa. In addition to inviting travelers to enjoy excellent beach holidays in Kenya, the Majlis also serves as a perfect destination for corporate meetings, special events, weddings, honeymoon, as well as for renewing marriage vows. The resort ensures to provide the best facilities to each of its guests and offers them personalized services. For more details, visit