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The Majlis – An Eco-Friendly Resort

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Are you searching for a place where you can relax and rejuvenate? If yes, then the Majlis is the right place for you to escape from the tiring city life. We are the best preserved Swahili luxury resorts in Africa, located in the lap of the Lamu Archipelago. Our boutique hotel provides panoramic views of the seafront over the Shela village and the Ras Kitau bay. An idyllic beach surrounds our resort where you can enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves lapping against the bay of the Indian Ocean.

We are counted amongst the leading luxury resorts in Africa situated in the Manda island, Lamu in Kenya. We actively participate in community work and support various types of organizations including Wamba e Athena Onlus, Anidan, and Local Kenyan staff. We are an Eco-friendly resort that abides by the policy on the Protection of Children, Hybrid Energy Power System, and other Eco-friendly policies, solutions, and actions.

As Majlis is situated at Manda Island and has no public power supply, we have been relying on our generators to produce electricity for the hotel. In line with the environmental policy, we have decided to lessen our dependence on gasoline and invest in alternative energy with the prime objective of decreasing carbon emissions below 30%, and eventually to zero. We have installed wind turbines and solar panels to generate electricity. The complete hybrid energy system of 40 KVA covers more than 50% of the energy needs of the hotel and allows running the day-to-day operations of the hotel that include laundry, kitchen, and the administration. When there is a limited number of guests or no guests, we can run 100% on alternative energy.

The Majlis is one of the best luxury resorts in Africa that follows a policy to avoid wastage of resources and to preserve the environment. The hotel was built completely with locally produced material. The 3 villas of the Majlis are built using coral blocks sourced from the Timboni quarry situated 2 Kilometers from the resort. The windows, doors, and furniture were crafted by 24 Kenyan highly skilled carpenters right on the back of the hotel. Apart from this, we focus on sourcing the freshest deliveries locally to support the community and to minimize transportation and packaging costs. All ripe and fresh ingredients including fruits, fish, vegetables, rice, meat, potable water, and bread are sourced exclusively in Kenya. For further information about our boutique hotel, you can visit