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The Majlis: A Trusty Kenya Honeymoon Hotel

Posted on: December 4, 2016

Location plays a very important role in making the honeymoon fun filled and memorable.
Although there are a large number of places in the world that are popular for enjoying honeymoons, but Kenya is ranked at the top among them. The country has many national parks and reserves, coastal tourist attractions and more, and for enjoying all these, you can book The Majlis, the best Kenya honeymoon hotel. Owing to our hard work and dedication, we have established a great position in the hospitality industry. We do all efforts in entertaining our visitors happy throughout the visit.

We have well-furnished rooms where you can relax and stay in comfort. All our rooms have all the modern facilities including wireless internet, television, air conditioning, and much more. Additionally, while sitting in these rooms, you can also see panoramic views of the Indian ocean and beautiful beaches outside. We have two pools where you can have fun with your loved ones and enjoy your moments while sipping your favorite drink with your friends. We provide following fitness, cardio, and wellness activities:

  • Jogging: We have two types of jogging trips- coral quarry of Timboni (6-7 kilometers) and Takwa ruins (10-12 kilometers), and you can choose any one according to your fitness level. We also provide personal trainer to accompany the guests.
  • Mountain biking: If you are a lover of mountain biking activity, then The Majlis is the right choice for you. We have many mountain bikes and you can choose that suits you.
  • Fitness center: Our fitness center is equipped with state-of-the-art fitness machines including runner, exercise bike and multi-functional equipment. The gym welcomes people of all ages from 6 year old child to 50 year old man.
  • Massage: We provide basic massage, energetic massage, and facial treatments and you can select one that is suitable to you.

If you are in search of a renowned Kenya honeymoon hotel, then you do not need to think any further than The Majlis. In cases of any question, you can visit our official website