Fitness, Cardio & Wellness

Beach and cross-country jogging

For our active guests, jogging can be done on the beach seafront or on the back of the hotel where there are several tracks. Depending on the level of fitness, we recommend two jogging trips, one to the coral quarry of Timboni (6-7 kms or about 40 minutes) and the second one to the Takwa ruins (10-12 kms or about 1 hour and 20 minutes). A personal trainer is available, if required, to accompany our guests.

Mountain biking

The Majlis has several mountain bikes which can be used all day long by our guests. From the back of the hotel, there is a dirt road that leads to the coral quarry of Timboni (6-7 kms) and also to the Takwa ruins (10-12 kms). If requested, our sports coordinator is available to accompany our guests on the trip


Swimming can be done in the two pools of the hotel or in Ras Kitau bay. For guests who wish for some adventure, we recommend to swim from the hotel across the channel to the beach of Shela village on Lamu Island. The distance is about 800 meters and estimated time is 20-25 minutes depending on the current in the channel. One of our boats can follow the swimmer(s) to the other side and provide transport back to the hotel.


The Majlis has two gyms, one located close to the pool bar with several fitness machines (runner, exercise bike, multi-functional equipment) and one in the garden called “the Jungle gym”. The gyms offer a wide variety of equipment to exercise the whole body and are popular with both adults and children (over 6 years of age) who want to stay active all day long.

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