Kite Surfing


Kite Surfing

The Majlis kite school

The Majlis kite school is located on Shela beach, one of the best spots in Kenya and considered among the 10 most beautiful beaches in the world. Transfers from the hotel to the kite spot take about 5 minutes by boat and can be arranged at all times.

The spot is very wide and quiet, making learning easier and safer both for beginners and intermediate/advanced riders. The location has a sandy bottom with no corrals and, most importantly, there is good reliable wind all year long; over 70% of the year there are 12-20 knots. From July through End of September, the wind blows all day from early morning till sunset. From end of November until end of May, the wind picks-up from 11:00 am and keeps blowing till late afternoon.

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We ride the latest 2020 North Kiteboarding equipment offering a variety of kite sizes and boards, including race boards. For those wishing to be more active, the Majlis watersport center offers also a choice of SUP, windsurfs, kayaks and wakeboards.

We offer courses available suited to all needs, whether you’re a complete novice and eager to try kite surfing for the first time, or an experienced rider looking to move your skills to an advanced level.

3 Days/8 Hours2 to 3 Days/6 HoursPer Hour
From beginner to board riding
Day 1: Trainer Kite
Day 2: Body Dragging
Day 3: Board Riding
Recommended add-on to the Beginner course.
Also great for students who’ve completed a beginner course a while ago and need a refresher.
Recommended if you have completed your beginner kite course and wish to learn new tricks, jumps or wish to kite downwind on a kite safari excursion

Beginner Kite Course

This course is for complete beginners who have at least 3 days to spend learning how to kite.


  • Kite set-up and kite maintenance
  • Equipment and safety theory
  • Power zone and wind windows
  • Fly a trainer kite and a full size kite on the beach
  • Launch and land the kite on the beach


  • Practice more landing and launching on the beach
  • Learn to re-launch kite in the water
  • Basic downwind & upwind body dragging in the water
  • Body dragging with board in the water


  • Safety rules on the water
  • Water start
  • Ride board with the kite
  • Kite-surf with monitoring by instructor

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