Boat & Mainland Safaris

Game drive safari to Lake Kenyatta

The Majlis is ideally located to offer you the best of Kenya’s beach & bush without having to commute too far during your holidays. Across from Lamu Island, on the mainland, lies Lake Kenyatta, an area of pristine indigenous bush, rich in wildlife, including zebra, topi, hippo, waterbuck, buffalo, warthog, elephant and other seasonal game. The Majlis offers a half day safari with a guide from Kenya’s Wildlife Service. Depending on the tide level, it is possible to organize the trip in the early morning or late afternoon. Departure is from the hotel by boat to reach Kenya’s mainland (15-30 minutes depending on the tide level) and then by Jeep (15-40 minutes) to reach Lake Kenyatta and the wildlife area. This trip is for maximum 4 persons and requires 24 hours notice.

Excursion to Tana River delta by boat

The Tana River starts its long journey on the slopes of Mt Kenya and meets the Indian Ocean just south of Lamu in a magnificent River Delta, teeming with birdlife and game. Considered to be one of Kenya’s great coastal wilderness, it is a wildlife refuge and a particularly important site for thousands of breeding birds. The river boasts more than 40 recorded fish species and this rich environment is a haven for elephant, lion, buffalo, crocodile and over 800 hippos. The Majlis offers a fantastic day trip to into the Delta, by boat from the hotel to the River (1 hour & ½ one way) and includes fishing on the estuary, fascinating bird and animal watching with a qualified guide and a visit to the historical Town of Kipini. The trip is for maximum 4 people. This excursion can also be organized by private plane (10 minutes from Lamu’s airport) and it is possible also to book an overnight stay at a small lodge located on the Tana River delta.

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