There are a few reminders you should take into consideration while choosing among the best Kenya luxury hotels. These are:

  • First, you need to consider your budget. There are places that offer romantic ambiance at expensive rates, but if your budget doesn’t allow that, you can always look for other places that cost less but present the same amount of romantic satisfaction. You can opt for some beach resorts in Bali or Maldives.
  • Second, you must familiarize yourself with the place before going there. Read something about it over the net. You can browse for the food they offer, the amenities, the language the people are speaking, the nightlife, the prohibited acts and objects, and the map that will help you locate some important facilities, such as convenience stores, police stations, and clinics.
  • Third, it is best if you will consider the distance of the resort to the beach. A distance of one hundred meters is still acceptable, but more than five hundred kilometers is quite exhausting to stroll, especially if you are the type of person who loves water-dipping and enjoys water sports. The best deal is for you to find a resort at the beachfront. Not only will the seawater be accessible to you anytime, but you can also take a deeper breath of the freshness of the sea breeze.

The Majlis is one of the best hotels and resorts in Kenya. With a superb beachfront location and breathtaking views over the bay and Lamu Island, it offers the perfect setting and the ideal accommodation for barefoot luxury and informal pampering on your trip to Kenya. For more information, visit You can also call at +254 20 712 3300/1/2.